TPS for Ukraine

My name is [First] [Last] and I reside in [City], [State].

I am writing to urge you to support TPS and DED for Ukrainian nationals seeking protection in the US, including those currently in the US, as well as those who left Ukraine and those at risk inside the country. We also urge you to ensure that the US works with its partners to afford humanitarian aid and protection at Ukraine’s border, and to facilitate humanitarian corridors and aid for people inside the country.

Ukrainians are suffering from an assault for which they are not responsible, and yet which they have been resisting in support of their nation’s independence, and in a stand for self-determination and civil coexistence in the world in general.

We and many others are committed to the human rights of peace and individual choice. As Senators, please support the efforts of a petition 177 organizations sent to President Biden and his administration, as well as a letter signed by multiple US Senators and Representatives.

Please do all you can to ensure their protection by the US and its partners.